I love dill!

So it kind of shows I'm on a bit of a summer haitus when it comes to this blog thing...

Anyhow, Its summer, to hot to be in my tiny kitchen for to long, and you don't want to cook the wonderful vedge that is springing out of the gound and onto our plates anyways.

The reason for this post though is just a quick share of a successfull experiment. I made a dill, chili and garlic pickle and newpotatoe sallad and it was just great :P

I made the mayonnayse from scratch adding a ton of dill and chili and garlic to taste. Boild up the new potatoes in really salty water and some dill stalks. Cut two pickles in small cubes, and hay presto a awsome sallad! I'm reallt happy with it and warmly recomend this dill/chili/garlic mayo!