So what is in my future?

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Jul pictures

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Very good veggies

Just putting up last nights dinner here, I have made it a couple of times and just love it. I'm not going into the recipe since it is basically right out of Jamie Olives, Jamie at home tv show but its a vegetable based canneloni.

The filling is broccoli and cauliflower seasoned with plenty of chili garlic and olive oil baked in a simple tomato sauce with some mozzarella and pecorino cheese.

Some more pics after the jump..

This dish definitely comes with the P&P seal of approval! Enjoy

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Clams...for virtually no clams at all!

So while checking out the newly opened grocery store close to where i live i quickly browsed through the rows and rows of big brand pre-packaged stuff to get to the things that matter i.e. the charcuterie/meat guy and the fishmonger. Although the meat section sported some tasty looking stuff a small net caught my eye, vongole! I was craving clams. However, hiding just behind those and a larger pile of your ordinary blue shell mussels I came across razor clams. Now i have only ever seen this item on a few menues in sweden and never sold like this to consumers.

Out of curiosity i asked the price and my jaw almost dropped.....
...The two people working behind the counter had no idea what those things where, and after some conversation told me they would charge me the same as the vongole clams! I quickly agreed and almost ashamed of myself walked away with 1Kg of razor clams for 149 swedish kronor, thats about $20 which has to be insanely cheap right?

Anyways i hurried home thinking id cook them a la plancha. I did, however, quickly realize that they wouldn't fit all at once so i opted for sort of a spanish version of moul marine. Cooking them in a pot with a base of some panchetta healthy amounts of olive-oil and garlic and adding a dash of sherry.

The clams cooked up a treat although the liquor they had left was lacking a bit in acidity so i added a dash of sherry vinegar and it really hit the spot!

For those wondering razor clams are sweet and firm, not chewy at all (unless overcooked) and just wonderful...a small note of caution, they might seem disturbingly phallic for some, but hay thats their loss just means more for you.

And yes I ate them ALL! haha

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Brazin amazin

Who doesn't love a good shank, from the deep recesses of some of the worlds worst prisons to the 3-star michelin chefs. Everyone whant's to have a good couple of ways for making shanks.

And how could you resist, here with some garlic, olives, lemon and a bottle of cote-du-rhone before going low and slow in the oven for a couple of hours.

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Tomato roast

Before making sauce, try roasting your tomatoes with some garlic, basil and olive oil. I know all the tv-chefs go on about this but its really worth it!

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"Inkokt Lax"

The essential swedish poached fish, and dare i say it, one of the best things to have during one of those picture perfect summer days (they don't happen that often so splurge when they do)

Being basically a court-bouillon with some extras. If you have read any of my other posts you should know about the dill! but more interestingly most recipes call for the addition of gelatin. Personally i believe this is done to mimic the effects you would have from poaching a whole skin on bone in salmon. Those being particularly high in collagen (you know you have heard that word before...its all the rave in the cosmetics industry nowadays, and i know your not using any such products if your vegan right) which would then convert to gelatin during the cooking process and later jell as the dish cooled (and yes it is served and eaten that way). The piece of salmon i got, while skin on, does not have any bones plus i do not want to poach it long enough for the conversion to take place anyways so in goes 2 sheets of gelatin.

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