"Inkokt Lax"

The essential swedish poached fish, and dare i say it, one of the best things to have during one of those picture perfect summer days (they don't happen that often so splurge when they do)

Being basically a court-bouillon with some extras. If you have read any of my other posts you should know about the dill! but more interestingly most recipes call for the addition of gelatin. Personally i believe this is done to mimic the effects you would have from poaching a whole skin on bone in salmon. Those being particularly high in collagen (you know you have heard that word before...its all the rave in the cosmetics industry nowadays, and i know your not using any such products if your vegan right) which would then convert to gelatin during the cooking process and later jell as the dish cooled (and yes it is served and eaten that way). The piece of salmon i got, while skin on, does not have any bones plus i do not want to poach it long enough for the conversion to take place anyways so in goes 2 sheets of gelatin.